Individual Therapy

Therapy lets you explore your self, learn new ways to respond, and unpack old feelings. My role is to guide and support you as we move towards your therapy goals. I tailor evidence-based practices to your needs and background. Your role is to actively contribute your thoughts, feelings, and reflections. Together, we'll build an understanding of you so you can break free of old patterns.

I offer individual therapy services over telehealth, and have limited in-person appointments.

Comprehensive Assessment

Finally making it all make sense. 

An assessment is a deep dive into you so you can understand "why am I like this." I'll identify the label or diagnosis that best matches your struggles. You'll also have a deeper understanding of what drives your symptoms, and what to do about it.

A comprehensive assessment is a thorough process. I gather data from you, the people around you, and objective measures to build this picture of you and who you are. The process is a hybrid service, with one in-person appointment.

Consultation and Supervision for Clinicians

I know the feeling of being stuck with a case-- not sure how to move past a barrier, or how to understand a client's behavior. It's hard to feel like you can turn to your peers, who may be busy, or seem so confident in their work. I'm here to help you use your knowledge of them to get treatment moving again. 

I am a WA approved supervisor, and love to help almost-licensed clinicians strengthen their case conceptualization skills and trust their clinical instinct.

Consultation for Businesses

Mental health belongs in businesses. 

I love to teach high-achievers in demanding jobs how to take care of their mental health. I offer in-office workshops or presentations that strike the balance between informative and affirmative.

I also translate mental health jargon into applicable concepts. I've been doing that for 3 years with Therapy Notebooks, editing or creating every book to date! The books bring concepts from evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into usable tools for the public. 

I'd love to provide the reliable resources your mental health business needs to thrive.