Individual Therapy

Therapy can be a safe place to explore new ideas, learn different ways to handle situations, and unpack old feelings.  My role is to foster acceptance within the room, and empathetically support and guide you as we move towards your therapy goals.  I use evidence-based practices that are tailored to your needs and background. Your role will be as an active contributor in building understanding, trying new approaches, and providing feedback.

I offer individual therapy services primarily over telehealth, and have limited in-person appointments.

What can I expect in therapy sessions with you?

The initial session will focus on getting to know you, your therapy goals, and the circumstances that brought you here. Ongoing sessions focus on identifying and understanding your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as relationships, patterns, and cultural contexts that may impact the presenting concern. 

I often use metaphors, and may use visual aids or handouts, to help explain concepts and reflect my understanding of your experience. During sessions, it's possible that I may jot some notes for my future reference. We will also brainstorm activities that you can do between sessions to bolster your progress.

How long does therapy last?

Individual sessions are 50-minutes long and weekly or every other week. There is no prescribed length that treatment should take.  Typically, we check in on therapy progress periodically, and end services when we have mutually agreed. However, I welcome you to bring up the course of treatment, or any concerns you may have at any time.

Will you be able to help me?

The short answer is "I hope so!" A provider's years of experience or treatment modality has little correlation to a client's improvement in therapy, so it is often hard to tell if I or another provider will be a strong fit for you. 

My training and experience has equipped me with evidence-based tools that I customize to you and your treatment goals. After getting to understand you and your goals, we will create a treatment plan that targets your sources of distress. Typically, I will check in after a few sessions and periodically to see if there are adjustments that can be made in how we work together.

If you are not moving towards your goals and growth as desired, or if I do not believe that we are a good fit, I will let you know as soon as possible and I ask you to please let me know as well. Then we can discuss if a shift in treatment or another provider is best.

Do you meet over video?

I currently primarily meet over video sessions on a HIPAA-secure platform. Clients need to be in a private space with no other people, as well as be distraction-free for the duration of the session. People commonly are in their room in their home, a private meeting room at work, or in their car (not driving) for video sessions.

I also offer in-person sessions for appointments on Wednesdays. Sometimes my dog, Zuzu, will join me for the day, but I will check that it is okay before bringing her.