Dr. Diana Hu

Empathic, collaborative care tailored to you

Finding a therapist with whom you feel understood and respected is critical. I hope this site gives you a sense of who I am, what kind of services I offer, and if we would be a good fit. 

If you would like to work together or have further questions, please use the contact form to reach out to me.

Are you doing well professionally, but feel like things aren't ever good enough?

It's exhausting to constantly strive, and sometimes without even knowing what it's for. If you'd like, we can figure out what's important and worth it, and let go of what's not.

Do your relationships feel off-balance, or that you're putting in more than you're getting?

It's frustrating not to feel heard; to have your needs left hanging. It might be time to advocate for yourself and change the dynamic. Let's use the therapy relationship to figure out how to help your other relationships be more fulfilling. 

Do you anxiously replay situations from the day to see if you did anything wrong?

I see you. At some point, maybe you learned there was more to a situation than meets the eye, and if you didn't follow the unspoken rules, bad things could happen. Let's move you more into your life than in your head.

Are you continuing to be affected by your parents, or their previous behavior and expectations for you?

Parents are important and influential people in our lives, and it's not always easy to go against the norm that they set. Their way is not the "right" or only way, though. Together, we can explore what you believe to be true, and how you want to navigate differences.

One-on-one hourlong therapy services to treat anxiety, depression, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, and acculturation differences.

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Comprehensive ADHD evaluation to understand lifelong struggles and learn about possible next steps.

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Warm relational approach using evidence-based treatments and with respect for clients' cultural and situational backgrounds.

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Free 15-minute phone consultation to ensure good fit. Located in downtown Seattle, or online via secure telehealth video platform.

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